Our sauna is uniquely designed to heal and detoxify by combining infrared light with chromotherapy. Using three separate wavelengths of infrared light, the radiant heat emitted from a full spectrum sauna penetrates deeply into the muscles, joints, and body alleviating pain and removing impurities on a cellular level.

Chromotherapy, or color light therapy, adds another layer of healing to your sauna experience. It’s been shown to ease the winter blues, alleviate stress, combat depression, and has been used in ancient civilizations across the globe from the Egyptians to the Mayans. Whether you are looking to detoxify, relieve pain, or just relax, our full spectrum infrared sauna will satisfy all of your needs.

Benefits of full spectrum infrared sauna are: Soothe, loosen and relax muscles Lowers blood pressure Releases the bodies natural painkillers (endorphins, beta-endorphins and norepinephrines) Improve sense of well being Relieve stress and tension Increases metabolic rate Enhance Weight loss Improves cardiovascular circulation Joint pain relief Improves immunity by increasing body core temperature Increases blood flow to the skin and relaxes facial tension Elevates the bodies ability to detoxify via increased perspiration Increases lymphatic circulation Mimics the effects of mild exercise Improved wound healing.

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