What exactly is floatation therapy?

Floatation therapy is also known as Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST). The environment provided by a float tank triggers your body’s natural relaxation response quickly yet gently. Rooms are dark, soundproof, and warm. Within the chamber, the water is held at a constant 96 degrees. Our 6’ x 8’ float cabins are filled with 1250 pounds of healing Epsom salt which allows your body to float in 10 inches of water, and mimics the buoyancy of the Dead Sea.

This unique environment creates a “womb–like” experience resulting in a host of physical and mental health benefits. You do not need to meditate or know how to meditate to have a beneficial experience – the combination of darkness, warmth, weightlessness, and silence creates the perfect habitat for healing and relaxation.

While you’re floating, the water and the room do all of the work for you. All you need to do is show up, undress in your private room and enter the float pool. While inside, you are in control of the room and cabin. The float cabin has internal light controls. It’s also equipped with a call button allowing you to reach the front desk without leaving the cabin.


ATHLETIC RECOVERY: alleviates muscle soreness, promotes healing, relieves muscle and joint pain, alleviates spinal tension and back pain, relaxes muscles

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: promotes relaxation, improves sense of well-being, enhances creativity, restores mental and physical balance, alleviates symptoms of anxiety

RELAXATION: improves sleep, reduces stress, encourages a sense of well being, removes external negative stimuli, provides meditative state by helping the brain to produce “theta waves”

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Extract yourself from the pandemonium of city life with float therapy, the gateway to a modern meditative state. Our private, soundproof rooms have dimmed lighting that you can control, spacious 6’ x 8’ float cabins, and in-room showers.

The weightlessness provided by floating will recalibrate your brain and body. Tension will be released from muscles and joints, aches and pains will subside. Your mind will finally be free to relax as you disconnect from the world around you.

Carried by the buoyancy of healing Epsom salts, enveloped by quiet darkness and floating in a pool of water held at a constant 96 degrees, mind and body begins to slip into deeper consciousness. The peaceful feeling this therapy delivers will be unlike any sensation you have ever experienced.